Upcoming Events
11/23/2014 - Giving Thanks - 10:30am
11/26/2014 - No Bible Study
11/30/2014 - John the Baptist and the Angels- 10:30am
12/3/2014 - Food Boxes
12/7/2014 - Mary in Today's World - 10:30am
12/10/2014 - Business Meeting
12/14/2014 - The Miracle Birth of Jesus - 10:30am


November and December

You are not going to want to miss one message
between now and the end of the year!  

As I have been preparing for the upcoming weeks, God has done something wonderful.  
He has woven in a theme that will culminate with our Christmas Eve Message.  I can't even begin to
tell you how excited I am about this holiday season and the messages that are coming.  
God started weaving the central theme of Jesus into the messages starting as early as August.  
The odd thing is, I didn't even realize what he was doing, until this past week!

I'm so excited about this season and what is coming that I am going to go ahead and
post the message topics now (and I'm even going to include the messages that have already
been a part).  And each week after the message is done, I will change the message title to

a link so that if you missed a Sunday, you can go directly to that message and catch up.  
Trust me...you aren't going to want to miss one minute!

For a More Detailed Description of the upcoming messages,
either click 
on the events tab or go Here.

I look forward to this Holiday Season and I hope you do too!

-Pastor Stephen "Red" Shumate

8/17 - Prayer - Removing Hurdles
8/24 - Prayer - How to Pray
8/31 - Prayer - When it Seems God doesn't Answer
9/29 - A Personal Relationship - Part I
10/7 - A Personal Relationship - Part II
10/14 - A Personal Relationship - Part II
10/19 - A followup to Prayer - A Practical Example
10/26 - Our Motivation - A pep talk from Paul
11/2 - I don't wanna Be a Pharisee - A Look at ourselves
11/9 - A Message from Jesus - The Sermon on the Mount
11/16 - Grace and Mercy
11/23 - Giving Thanks
11/30 - John the Baptist and the Angels - Preparing for a King
12/7 - Mary in Today's World
12/14 - A Miracle Birth
12/21 - Christmas Program
12/24 - Christmas Eve Service - Jesus - A king, A gift, He's whats separates us from all the rest!
12/28 - Wise Men Still Seek Him, This party ain't Over Yet

I know its a long list, but I promise,
you aren't going to want to miss one thing God has planned for us!

Sunday School - 9:30 a.m.

Bible Study - 10:30 a.m.

Child Care Available

We hope you will come worship with us!


Wednesdays 6:30pm

6:00 pm - Food and Fellowship
6:30 - Bible Study

Everyone Welcome

This Holiday Season

11/12 - Denominations (Study)

11/19 - Upcoming Studies/Whats important to you (Discussion)

11/26 - No Service (Thanksgiving Week)

12/3 - Putting Together Food boxes (Volunteer work)

12/10 - Business Meeting

12/17 - Putting together Food Boxes (Volunteer work)

12/24 - Christmas Eve Service

12/31 - No Service (New Years Eve)