Have you stopped going to church because…
Church was too big and didn’t feel like home?
The messages just weren’t relative to your life?
The music felt more like a production than worship?

Have you never been to church because…
You’ve never been asked or invited?
You think you would feel out of place?
You’re just not sure what to think about church?

Get into Church This Summer
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Upcoming Messages:

7/29 - The Law vs His Grace

8/5 - The Reality of Jesus

8/5 - Sunday Night - The Big Picture of Christianity: What should we expect

8/12 - The Beginning of a Ministry

8/19 - Following Jesus

8/19 - Sunday Night - A New Identity

8/26 - Parables and Miracles

Pastor Stephen "Red" Shumate

Everyone is Invited!!
We hope you will come worship with us!
Childcare Available.

2018 Sermon Series
The Bible from Genesis to Revelation
with 1 year Reading Plan

Join us this year in reading the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.  Each week our sermon series will follow the F260 Bible reading plan that can be found here.  It is an easy reading plan that doesn't include every word in the Bible but touches on the majority of it.  For five days a week, you will read just a few chapters, and then on Sunday, there will be a sermon on part of what was read through the week.  

This promises to be an exciting Sermon Series that will encourage everyone to read the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation.  Please Join us in this commitment.  And don't worry if you are starting late.  Just pick up with the correct week of reading and then as you have time, go back and read what you missed!

Wednesday Services

Join us Wednesdays
for devotion and prayer at 6:30 pm

We are usually finished up by 7 or 7:15

On the first Wed. after the First Sunday we have business meeting 
in place of Bible Study and prayer time.

Everyone is invited to join us on Wednesdays.