Who are we?
We are Covenant Baptist Church, a group of people brought together by God, on purpose...for a purpose.

What is our mission?
To share the gospel and Jesus Christ with the un-churched in our neighborhoods, at our jobs and among our friends.

What is our vision to accomplish this?
To follow the 2 greatest commands in the Bible (Matthew 22:37-39) - To love the Lord our God with all of our Heart, Mind and Soul and to love our neighbors as ourselves. And to see where God is already work, and join him there (John 12:26).

Why are we going to do this?
Because believing IN God is the absolute most important thing in the world and most people don't realize this.

What we offer you...
We may not be a mega church but we have abilities and strengths that a mega church cannot have. We know your name. We can get to know you. We can tell when you are having a bad day. Can you have a first name, pick up the phone and call when there is a problem relationship with the pastor of a mega church? Probably not. But at Covenant Baptist Church, Pastor Stephen knows your name. He is aware when you miss church (and his rule is that if you miss two Sunday's in a row without letting him know what's up, you will be getting a phone call or email checking up on you). Don't get me wrong, we don't get all up in your business, and call you at the drop of a hat, bug you, and pester you into "serving" with us, but we do intend on having a personal relationship with you. And when you are going through a struggle, we can help you or if you set a goal we can hold you accountable. And when you are ready to serve, we will have a place for you to be involved. Sure, we may not have a full band or always sing the most current contemporary praise and worship songs on Sunday mornings, but we worship the same God, in a much more intimate setting.

We invite you to come and check out our church family and consider becoming a part of us.