What Can you Expect during a Sunday Service?

     Our first and foremost goal on Sunday mornings is to worship our God and King, Jesus Christ, the very best that we can.  We believe that we should do our best to worship with all of our Heart, Mind, and Soul.  Using this as our guide, we worship with our heart through song and praise, we worship with our soul through giving (tithing), and we worship with our mind through the spoken word (the sermon).  In addition, to these elements, we also observe communion once a month and many of us will fellowship after our service by going to lunch together (well, maybe not all of us at one time...but in groups).  We definitely view and love each other as family here at Covenant (warts and all) and we invite you to come and be a part as well.  There will always be room for new family.  Our services last about an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes.    

Our Praise and Worship style- This is a hot topic among many churches today.  And the truth is, that it is not an issue of salvation.  So here at Covenant Baptist Church we take the attitude that we do the best we can with what God has given us.  After all, that is all that He asks.  We also, try to do our best to create an environment that promotes worship and not distraction. Now, to answer the question that is probably really what you are looking for...  Typically we open our worship with an upbeat song either contemporary or traditional and during the main portion of our worship we typically sing hymns accompanied by a piano, and very light drums.  Some times we will have special music that crosses over into the more contemporary style of music, but we try our best to let whoever is doing the special, to do what comes from their heart, whether that be old school hymns or newer contemporary praise and worship. These are not hard and fast guidelines, we try our best to let the Spirit guide us in our praise and worship.

Tithes and offerings-  Here at Covenant we believe that God commands Christians to give back to Him through the church 10% of their increase (a tithe).  We also, believe that from time to time whether it be from an abundance of love in our heart or through God's leading, that we give offerings above and beyond our regular tithing (tithing literary means 10%).  So, during our service, we give everyone an opportunity to worship through giving by passing an offering plate.  This is merely an opportunity for people to give and we certainly aren't asking visitors or members to give money in order to attend our service.  We know and understand that many people give in other ways, whether it be through their time or donations, and we realize that people give back to God through other organizations.    We simply wish to give everyone the opportunity to worship God in this way.

The Sermon-  Pastor Stephen's worship through spoken word (the sermon) is always based in scripture.  Sometimes it is topical and other times it is expositional (taking a piece of scripture and expounding on its meaning and application).  Stephen does his best to rely on God's direction and study while preparing for each Sunday.  Typically, God leads Stephen to include practical application of the message to issues that affect people everyday.  God's word is as useful for guidance today as it was when it was first written.

Invitation- Each Sunday we believe it is important to give people the opportunity to respond to what God is doing in their hearts.  After each message, the altar is open for you to respond.  Pastor Stephen is happy to pray with you during this time or you are welcome to come and just be in prayer with God on your own.  Stephen is also available after service and during the week for prayer and discussion of what is going on in your life.  

Kids-  We enjoy encouraging and teaching our children to worship with us during the singing portion of our service. However, we realize that a sermon can't feed them spiritually or hold their attention for that matter.  So, after the musical portion of our worship, the children are taken to a classroom for a more age appropriate Sunday School Lesson.    

We have some wonderful caring people that provide care in our nursery, so that parents are able to attend the regular service.

The following is A typical service order:




Pastor Stephen “Red” Shumate